Am I a gamer or a vampire?

Jack and I took a walk last night just as the sun was going down. The sunset was brilliant, the catbirds were chirping away and there were no other humans outside that we could see. In other words, perfect.

If only I could have taped the entire walk. Jack made such a racket with his stories and singing and smashing his razor scooter on the ground because “it sounds like a sword fight”.

You just had to be there. But I’m glad you weren’t. 😉

Jack: I have to pee before we walk. (He heads to the front bushes and then screams) A frog!!!

me: Don’t pee on it! (We take a few pictures and I try to pick it up while Jack warns of salmonella and makes me go wash my hands. Sheesh)

We head down the driveway and see my soccer ball across the street. Didn’t even notice it had rolled away!

Jack: Mom, you know what would be awesome and that everyone should learn?

me: What’s that…

Jack: How to use game controllers with their feet. (He pauses I’m sure for effect).

me: Becauuuussse…

Jack: A lot of people know how! You can eat chips with your hands while you play with your feet. It’s productive.

me: Very. (I turn on my iPhone flashlight because now it’s getting pretty dark, though the sky is still pink)

Jack: Hey you flashed that in my eyes. Nooooo! I’m a vampire!!! Ahhhhh!!! Wait, am I a gamer or a vampire?? I’m a gamer!!!!

Immediately about 300 flying bugs started circling my phone.

me: Ugh, this has to go off. Look at the bats! (2 were flapping wackily overhead)

Jack: Mosquito eaters!!!

me: They’re cool huh? And cute.

Jack: Cute??!! Have you seen their faces? (He mimics a bat face and charges down the street like a maniac on his scooter).

When we get home Jack says that we should do this more often.