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You Can’t Ever Be Too Prepared

He stole my mittens! This isn’t our neighborhood but close in Parkor Rock Park. Look it up!

Jack and I took a walk with Moca last week when it was in the “warm” high 30’s. A very brief respite from the frigid cold and wind that is Connecticut in February, which can take us down to 0 F very easily. I was telling him that since having Moca for over 5 years now, and walking her multiple times a day, I’ve gotten used to the weather patterns and even the fluctuations in wind and temperature in our very own neighborhood! It’s crazy!

Trumbull, CT is a town that sits very high above sea level compared to all the neighboring towns that spread right down to the coast of Long Island Sound. We get the snow first, we get ice first, we get the Chicago style wind (definitely don’t have their pizza) and we sometimes ironically get warmer weather first. (Maybe we’re closer to the sun? Haha)

We had on winter coats and hats (due to the wind) but we warmed up as we walked and the sun hit our black jackets. Also, Trumbull is very hilly so you huff and puff sometimes as you walk. At least I do! Jack warmed up pretty quickly. it’s misleading and eases you into a false sense of comfort. Grrrrrrrr!!

Jack: My jacket is like a pressure cooker. It’s absorbing all the heat. It’s SO nice out! I might even be sweating a little.

me: Wait until you turn the corner and the winds hit ya.

Jack: You sound like an 1800’s pan handler.

me: The winds will be a turnin’! Haha.

We turned the corner and started up a steep hill.

Jack: It’s definitely not cold here Mom. (he unzipped his jacket and turned his face into the sun) Ahhhh…

me: You’ll see. (I hunkered into my jacket and pulled my hat a little lower.

We created the hill and the full cross wind hit us in the face while the sun still tries to warm our backs. We were heated up from the exertion yet now turning cold from the wind hitting our face at about 15 degrees colder than the air temp. Basically your sweat now starts to freeze. On the same walk. In the span of 15 minutes. You’d think we were on Mt. Washington!

Jack: Ugh! My face os literally freezing, and my back is sweating!

me: See? I told you. I know the wind pattern here. Wait until we go down our hill.

Jack: I’m still trying to figure out how I’m overdressed and underdressed at the same time! He was fumbling for his jacket zipper while he said this.

me: Oh, almost forgot. This is the part where you have to walk backwards.

Jack: What??!!