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Christmas is NOT supposed to be educational

Jack: Woah are those my presents?

me: Yep.

Jack: Can I open one?

me: On Christmas Eve you can pick one.

Jack: (starting to shake each box) What’s this? It feels like a book!

me: Oh that’s just the giant deflatable raft that folds down into the shape of a book for easy storage.

Jack: (pauses for one millisecond…) You know, Christmas isn’t supposed to be educational!!

He’ll find out it is actually a book. But it’s a sketch book that he asked for. I just can’t let him read this now until after Christmas 🙂

One time this past summer I asked him some questions about math or something and he says “I don’t know…its summer so I’m really not supposed to be learning anything new.”

Only few more days left until I get to play Santa for “the boy who no longer believes.” Ho, ho, ho!