"Our Senses" (Last post people. You’ll have to find me on WordPress with a 6-year-old tomorrow!)

It turns out that Blogger realized that they were having “issues” yesterday. Yeah, I know all about the “issues”. Wasted a lot of my time. I’m sorry to hear it, but I’m still moving to my new home at “shitmy6yearoldsays.wordpress.com”. Please come visit us over there tomorrow! I won’t even know you’re there because of WordPress’ lack of a follower widget.

Jack asked (jack assed?) me what our 5 senses were. He must have heard that at school.

me: The 5 senses are the way we take in information about the things around us. (I didn’t want to get into the 6th sense…though I did think about mentioning it. He can wait and see the movie.)

Jack: Huh?

me: What’s the first thing you do when you get a new toy?

Jack: Rip open the package?

me: No, before that, when it’s on the shelf.

Jack: I look at it.

me: Right! That’s one of the senses. Seeing. What are you doing right now?

Jack: Listening to you talk.

me: Right again. Hearing is another sense. So that’s two. (I rubbed his cheek)

Jack; Why are you touching me?

me: Because that’s the 3rd sense. Touch.

Jack: Ohhhh, so what else do we do?

me: When you eat, what do you do?

Jack: Taste the food!

me: What’s the last part that we haven’t talked about? (I point to my nose.)

Jack: Smelling! That’s 5! What’s the 6th sense?

me: Huh? There are only 5.

Jack: Then why were you thinking about 6 before?

This kid always freaks me out.

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