Convos via text

It’s basically how Jack and I communicate. Or how we don’t communicate. Sigh. I get lots of ignores (even though I see he read my text!!!) and lots of one-word answers…aka text version of grunting. How does your teen communicate?? 🙂 Or do they??

Ok granted I’m the most random texter of all times. Maybe I need to dial it back a notch. But I miss himmmmm 🙂

Here are some random texts and responses from this week …

me: (I was away in NYC at a class sending pics) That’s Madison Square Garden and the One World Trade Center Observatory in the background…

Jack: Doing hw talk later

me: Sigh


(The next evening… Mr. Talkative is in gray)


This was after I watched a video on camping in Australia… sooo good.

me: Jack…Look up Champagne Pools on Fraser Island in Australia. I want to go! Want to go?

Jack: (ignore)


(And here’s another… From this morning actually)

Jack: (ignore)

me: Sighhhh

I’ve asked Jack to do this before when I first heard about the exotic duck. Apparently he’s not interested in duck hunting in the cold city lol.


And this was when Jack was coming home from NYC. He’s so talkative and I can’t get him to stop 😆😆😆😆

Yeah so that’s life with a teen. It’s one of the reasons I talk to my dog lol!

And possibly to my cats…shhhhh….

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High School Highlights – Part 1

Here are a few stories from this week. It’s been quite a transition from middle school, to high school. (for me anyway!) 🙂

Jack: I have gym class now everyday. Whoof…I really need to get in shape.

me: We can get you back in shape in no time… we’ll go a few days a week to my gym… and you’ll be back in shape in a few weeks. Gym class every day will actually be so good for you. They should do that all year long, I don’t know why they only do it part of the year. So weird.

Jack: I think we’re playing basketball tomorrow.

me: Oh, cool. What did you do in gym today?

Jack: We watched a powerpoint.

me: Um… ok…

Jack: Oh and I need a lock for gym so my stuff doesn’t get stolen.

me: Ok, we can go get one after we go to the gym tonight. Wait, we have a lock in the drawer in the kitchen. Just use that one.

Jack: I don’t remember the combination though.

me: I think there’s a 7 in it and maybe a 9. Just try it and I think you’ll have muscle memory because you always remembered that combination before.

Jack: That was like 5 years ago. It’s not working. I’ve tried every combo… I need to get a new one.

me: Ok, we can go later.

(Later, after eating dinner out…)

Jack: Let’s just go to Stop and Shop instead of Walgreens, they’ll have more of a selection.

me: Ok, I need a few things there anyway so that works.

(In the store)

Jack: Well, I guess there are no locks.

me: Wait, here’s one. It’s the last one! Let’s grab it.

Jack: It’s green! I don’t want a stupid green lock. Besides I want the speed dial kind that you just push and not have to spend an hour twirling the numbers.

me: How do you even know that’s green? (he’s color blind) Jack, the dial takes 2 seconds. We’re getting this one just in case so you don’t have to go another day without a lock.

Jack: But this one’s tiny! Let’s go to Walgreens.

me: Sorry, I’m freezing and tired and it’s late and we’re going home.

Jack: (extended grumblings all the way home … not using this lock… not taking gym class… need a real lock… etc…)

(Later at home, Jack rips open the new lock to show me how tiny it is and how awful the color is and how hard it is to dial, etc.)

Jack; This one is terrible!

me: What’s the combination, I’ll do it. (Jack stares at me). What… what is the combo? (more staring… I turn the lock over and the combo sticker is still on there back). Sheesh Jack you coulda just told me. This one’s easy to open, you just go past zero and…

Jack: Oh! I’m going to look at the old lock again. (he fiddles with the old combination lock). I just had to go past zero, that’s what I was doing wrong…now I remember the old combination! 7, 23, 9!!! (or whatever he said)

me: Really Jack?!

Jack: Now I don’t need the stupid green lock after all. Hah.

(I look at the counter where the packaging looks as if wolves ripped it apart with their teeth.)

me: I need to return that one now Jack…Grrrrrr….

And in other school news…

Jack: Oh, Our science teacher got into a car accident.

me: What?? Is he ok?

Jack: Yeah he’s ok. He had a doctor’s appointment today so we had a sub.

me: Oh, was it a he or a she?

Jack: A he, and he made random weird comments through the entire class, especially when a plane went by overhead and he told us about how he has an army of squirrels.

me: What?!

Jack: Then he ran out of the room and never came back.

me: What???

Jack: Well he eventually came back. But by then class was over.

me: Um… Ok….??


I’ve also heard stories about how Jack’s band teacher has them show up to class but doesn’t do anything. So they sit around for a half hour until class is over. But hey, Jack is getting good grades, so I can’t really complain! 🙂

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Jack’s unique brand of … humor

me: If you really want to do a favor for someone or help them, don’t ask them if they want help, because most people say no no it’s ok I’m fine.

Jack: Then how do you help?

me: You have to tell them you’re going to help and just say you’ll do whatever it is. Like if you know someone needs a ride somewhere you don’t say Do you need a ride? You just say hey I’ll pick you up at 7.

Jack: No matter what the agreed upon time was?

me: Sigh, yes if they need a ride at 9 you force them to take a ride at 7. Sheesh.

Jack: This guy went to the doctor and said I have a problem. I always poop at 8am on the dot. The doctor says Well what’s wrong with that? That sounds very healthy? And the guy says, well I wake up at 9am.

me: Where do heat this stuff?

Jack: Around.

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In Health Class We Learned…

me: I totally listened to my intuition today and it payed off finally!

Jack: How?

me: I was leaving for work and I wanted to check to see if both cats were out and not locked in anything, but I was in a rush and just wanted to leave for work. But instead, I stopped and listened to the voice in my head, which I usually ignore, and decided to call the kitties for a treat.

Jack: Voices huh?

me: Voice! Intuition Jack! And so I called “treeeaaaaat” and only one kitty showed up. Luna was locked in my closet. So, if I just left for work she would’ve been trapped for hours and hours…

Jack: That reminds me, in health class we learned about schizophrenia …

me: Sigh…

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2,000 questions, turning 14 and more!


I can hardly believe I’m still writing this blog and that I have a 14-year-old son. (I know, I know, Jack would say he is not yet 14 because he was born at 4:36 PM… And that is something he reminds me of every year) 😊👍 But by the time I post this he WILL be 14!

However, because I am a mom of a 14-year-old, I think it makes me ‘seem’ younger than I am, actually…because I had Jack so late in life. So that’s kind of works in my favor 🙂

I have so much to catch you all up on that I don’t know where to begin. A quick outline of what I will cover in this post: 2000 questions, midterms, turning 14, birthday party, and of course a book written, or rather inspired, by my very own Jack. Who would’ve thought…

Jack opened his presents from me…

1. Scratch-off map of the world, to mark where he’s been and where he wants to go.

2. Pins to put into map.

3. Cash in an envelope. Always works.

4. Deadly Skills (of the day) Calendar

5. Book: 2,000 Questions about me.

Now about that book…

me: Read me some of the questions.

Jack: Ok… Will you ever dye your hair if it turns gray?

me: Yes.

Jack: Have you ever been suspended from school?

me: …

me: Yes. Sigh. But I didn’t hit her she hit ME, but they suspended us both in 9th grade.

Jack: Mmhhhmmm…. Anyway, It seems like this page was written for you mom…

me: Read some more and you have to answer too.

Jack: (turns the page). Aannnd, we’re done. That’s too personal.

me: What is it?

Jack: Not gonna happen.


So anyway, Jack had mid-terms all week and seemingly did great. His grades are good, and they only had a few hours of school each day. What a bonus! Today I took a half day and we went for some much needed sushi. I posted some pics on Instagram (@debinort), so check them out!

Regarding the big birthday bash… Jack is currently at Rockin’ Jump, trampoline place, with 3 friends. They are doing a neon/black light jump thing until 10pm. THEN we are having cake and the boys are sleeping over. Hahaha, I’m totally nuts right? Do you think they will sleep? :). But Jack is happy and that’s all that matters on his special day.


(the 6-ft tall ones are in the front lol)

Now, to the good stuff. It turns out that Jack, and this blog, have inspired a character in an ACTUAL NOVEL WRITTEN BY AN ACTUAL AUTHOR! I know right??? I stumbled across an acknowledgment on a Google Review page and was flabbergasted to say the least! I immediately contacted the author, Madeline Ash, to tell her how amazed I was at this bit of news. She was so kind and gracious enough to send me a copy of her book “Breaking Good”, all the way from Australia. It’s a love story, and I’m dying to read it. DYING! The character Zach, the son in the book, was inspired by none other than my own little Sh*t talking monster, Jack. :). I’m told the book is a bit racy, so maybe Jack can read it in a few years LOL. But please please BUY THE BOOK here and tell me what you think. Does Zach remind you of Jack?? We’re so flattered, really 🙂

And, my fine readers, that is the deal for today. Work/school, sushi, Jack gaming, LOOOONNNGGG dog walk with Moca, more gaming with friends, Jumping, cake and probably more gaming. Not a bad way to turn 14, eh?


Thanks for staying with us all these years. More to come 🙂


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Band Concert Blues

Jack had a surprise band concert this week. I say it’s a surprise because I only heard about it on Monday and the concert was On Tuesday. Talk about giving a little notice eh?

Me: Jack, how come you didn’t tell me about this concert! If we had some notice I would have invited some people! Now we’re rushing around and our schedule is all messed up 😦

Jack: I told you about it last year remember?

Me: sigh.


Later that night…

Me: you guys were so awesome at your concert… You looked like you were having fun…

Jack: Well, that 2nd song was impossible to play I kept getting confused.

Me: I thought you guys practiced? You should have practiced more?

Jack: You don’t understand…that song has confusing parts and the timing signatures are all messed up and 4/4 goes down to 2/4 and then the rests are only half as long in those parts but you don’t know that so it was very confusing to play.

Me: Um. Oh.


Lol! I didn’t even know what he was saying it was so funny and I’m sure I messed up exactly what he said. But he ranted for like a full minute with all these words about timing and rests and fourths LOL. I so do not know how to read music that it is hysterical.

But yay! Jack was right in front for the first time in five years!!!!

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Posting about Post Malone

I love love love “Better Now” by Post Malone. I think it’s genius. Seriously. Before I knew who he was, I was like yep, this is good stuff and this kid is going to be huge.

Some weeks later, a newer Post Malone song came on the radio in the car. Jack and I were driving somewhere and I had high hopes that I would like the new song. But, after a few minutes I couldn’t listen anymore. It was repetitive, and a bit annoying for some reason I guess, and it was starting to get on my nerves. 🙂

me: (turning off the radio) Ugh, I’ve had about enough of that song. Geez.

Jack: Funny, just the other day you were saying he’s such a talented artist and now you can’t stand him. Hmmmm…

me: Why do you have to remember everything?

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