Go to Australia Where They Have Better Reception

I have no idea why Jack screamed that at the ocean yesterday…but he did. We were playing catch. I don’t ask questions any more.

Anyway…We kept moving yesterday and today because there is so much to see on the Cape and we only have 2 days left!

I went for a 6-mile or so run while my mom watched Jack. It was so needed! I took some great photos as always. The light is amazing early in the morning.

Later on, Jack and I ate lunch again at Mac’s Seafood on the pier. Fresh seared tuna wrap. OMG. So flipping good. We spent more time on the beach and in town, and visited Uncle Tim’s Bridge, which leads to an island in the middle of the marsh. We had a quick hike up to the top and got to view the town from up high. We then visited the used book store down the road called Herridge’s. Jack and I can both get lost in a book store for quite awhile, and we both picked out some good books.

Some down time at the house followed and we both dug into our new books. Jack is a super fast reader and he is already finished with his! (Maybe I can coerce him into another book review! 🙂

Side note: we are watching a show about how bad Russian drivers are. It’s scary to see how these guys drive. I remember my cab driver scaring us quite a bit in Moscow.

We visited a museum in a Eastham for a short while but they were closing. 😦

We then met a friend and hit Nauset Beach, Nauset Lighthouse and the three sisters…a group of lighthouses preserved in a little park near the beach. Some hackey sack on the beach gave us some more exercise.

We ate a good dinner out and spent probably more than I needed to, but I really wanted those Wellfleet oysters. Can’t beat em.

Today we mostly stayed in town going to the beach and playground and skate park.

Jack is now begging for a new skateboard for $130 and yeahhh… no? Can’t afford.

Jack: But mom, just listen. Don’t say anything. I think I would rather have the cruising board to just go around town. I’m not that good at tricks and like I think I’d get more use out of the cruising board?

me: It costs too much.

Jack: But I promise I won’t ask for anything else again for a veryyyyy long time. Like maybe 6 months!!!!

Sigh. I’m sure I’ll hear more about it tomorrow!

We took one trip to the National Seashore Museum and watched a couple short films about Cape Cod.

We had lunch on the beach and dinner at the house. There were lots of leftovers to use up from all the meals we’ve been having!

Jack peeked in the freezer…

Jack: Hey, I’m not eating these ice cream bars . They’re called Red Sox bars!!!

me: So we’ll chew em to pieces! (I didn’t care what they were called, I was gonna eat one. ha ha)

Jack: Yeah we hate the Red Sox so we’ll chew em up! (He was also looking for any excuse to eat the bars!)

Needless to say they were good. Now, we couldn’t leave any Red Sox bars behind, because we supposedly hate them. So of course, we each ate two and then threw the box away.

Okay time for bed. I am beat!




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