Rock, Paper, Scissors

Fire…Water Balloon? Yep.
(oh and that’s not Wesley, btw)
Jack:I made up a great new game with Wesley. Wanna hear it?

me:Of course I do. What’s it called?
Jack:Wellll, it’s like the rock, paper, scissors game but we added in Fire and Water Balloon.

me:Cool! How do you play?
Jack:(lots of wild hand gestures) Okay, so like water balloon puts out fire, but then fire can burn paper, and scissors can POP water balloon, and then rock can also smash water balloon, and then the usual paper wraps rock and rock smashes scissors and scissors cuts paper, the usual stuff still happens.

me:You know, that’s pretty good. I’m impressed! You guys are really thinking…
>Jack:And you know how you say “shoot” at the end before you pick?

Jack: If you make a gun like this, and then point it at the other person, you always win. Because guns kill everything.

me: Sigh…

And so on and so forth. Every day it’s something new. That little story happened right after dinner. Jack helped me make a stir fry. He likes being the sous chef. This next story took place after breakfast (French toast), but I thought it was funny and didn’t want to forget it!
Jack:Mom, check out this invention. It’s a jet fuselage fuse holder.

me:Okaayyyy? What’s it do?
Jack:(ignores me and goes at his invention) Now Ready! Launch! (something goes flying across the room)

me:(starting to clean the griddle) What was that thing?
Jack: It’s the rocket. I can launch anything. Do you want to play?

me: Let me finish up here. Check this out…(I start folding our new griddle, which I LOVE actually)…Look how the legs fold up and how it fits…
Jack: Mom, MOM! I don’t need to learn your cooking ways…just your playing ways.

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