It’s all in the delivery

I wish I was talking about pizza. Because I am STARving right now. An extra TKD class tonight for me (got to break a board with my elbow) and then a mini workout in front of The Voice…go Javier! Now I could seriously damage a pizza. Sigh. Almost bedtime.

Jack is learning that it’s not always what you say, but how you say it. I always give him examples of how the exact same words sound totally different if I yell them at him, or speak them nicely with a “please” thrown in. I guess this is what he got out of that little discussion the other day.

Jack: (eating some pasta at dinner) Mom, which is better. This? (he gets a mean face on and practically yells at me) THIS DINNER IS AWFUL AND I WANT SOMETHING ELSE!!! (then he sweetly says) Or this? Mom, this isn’t my most favorite dinner, but I’ll accept it.

me: Number two sounds better.

Jack: (keeps chewing slowly and looking at me)

me: (wondering what he’s doing…) Heeeyyyyy did you just insult my dinner two different ways?

Jack: When you say things nicely, people don’t know you’re really being rude.

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