The last day of summer…

…is also the best day of the year! When you can claim it as your birthday like I can. Who wants cake?

Yummm! I had a few pieces of this between last night and today. Jack insisted that we have a birthday “party” for me, even though it was just me and him at home. So I had to get my own cake. Stop and Shop started selling Cake Boss cakes, and I got the first one! It was pretty good. Now I have had better cakes, but this one was pretty to look at as well. Can’t complain. It’s CAKE people!

Jack’s in NYC this weekend, hence the early b-day party last night. Start my sugar buzz off on the right note I say! And let it continue! I’m heading up to the Big E tomorrow and they fry anything that’s first covered in sugar or chocolate…so I’m sure I’ll have fried oreos and twinkies. GAH! How about 1 oreo and 1 twinkie. Sheesh.

Jack: (after singing the off-key rendition of Happy Birthday) Man, it’s gonna take me forever to spank you 44 times!

me: No spanks!

Jack: We should have lit 44 candles instead of one Mom…

me: That’s against the town fire code.

Jack: (gasp) Really?

me: Kidding.

Jack: Well, how’s it feel to be heading towards those awkward middle age years?

me: (wtf??)

2 thoughts on “The last day of summer…”

    1. I just heard that middle age is now officially extended to… 85! Seriously. Because the number of people from 60-85 that really don’t have anything wrong with them is quite large. Well, I’m right behind you!


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