Why our house is kind of like the 1800’s

We don’t have cable. (gasp!) I think I’ve mentioned that we cancelled cable oh like 4 years ago. We DO have a digital cable box with digital rabbit ears. Yes rabbit ears. Hello 1970. But with “digital” in front of it, we’re almost to hello 2000! But we get about 30 channels, soooo, booya to the suckers paying $115 a month for cable. But of course, we don’t know anything. Is there an election coming up? Is there a hurricane on the way? Eh, I’ll go look outside if I want the weather report. (that one was for my dad ha ha)

Netflix rules our house. At $8.07 a month, you can’t go wrong yo! But if I see one more episode of Kickin’ It, I may cry.

(Update: Now in 2019 that Netflix price is going up to a whopping $12.99!! :O. LOL)

Jack: What’s cable?

me: Like TV you mean?

Jack: Yeah… my friends have it.

me: It’s a service that give you lots of channels for lots of money.

Jack: Oh we’re totally saving money then right?? ha ha!

me: Totally.

Jack: How much are you saving?

me: Maybe $100 a month? I don’t know exactly.

Jack: Then can I get a nerf gun?

me: But… Sigh… sure.

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