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Online shopping … And selling

Okay, so I’ve joined the Poshmark millions and started my online store that sells all the old items from my closet. Yes I did! And no this is not beneath me! I’m selling a ton. And buy a ton I mean only a few hundred $$ so far. But still! app…It’s free! Get out your old stuff, take photos, set a price and sell! People place an order with their credit card and the app gives you the shipping label! Easy peasy!

I’m @tkd_chick (taekwondo of course) so look me up if you’re in the neighborhood!

I sell a lot in California so I wake up to orders every week. Like a mini Christmas celebration. πŸ™‚

me: Ha! I sold a pair of pants while I was in the bathroom this morning!


Jack: Were they the ones you were wearing?


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