Why old people shouldn’t drive

Jack: Did you see that?

me: Yeah, they barely stopped.

Jack: Must be an old person driving.

me: Is that your theory?

Jack; Yeah, they never stop and they always do crazy things.

me: I think you’re right.

Jack: I think they don’t have time to stop at a stop sign because they don’t have much time left before they…go…

me: Go?

Jack: So they say “Ehhh, I’m just not gonna stop so I can hurry up and get this done before I die, or something.”

me: Sigh…

3 thoughts on “Why old people shouldn’t drive”

  1. Thanks for stopping by and visiting our site.

    I just spent 45 minutes reading some of your posts. So awesome! What a great way to document all of the wonderful things kids say!



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