Stressed blood

Jack: Let’s do a P90X workout. Do ten pushups Mom.

me: Fun. …Okay, done!

Jack: Now do 10 situps, then 10 mountain climbers like we do in gym.

me: Ugh, well that’s one way to get a workout in. When do you do mountain climbers?

Jack: Every Wednesday and Thursday, but my blood gets all stressed in gym. I taste blood after we run like 44 laps around the room.

me: Whoa…44?

Jack: Yeah and you know what the rudest thing is? They don’t let you bring a water bottle so you have to drink out of the fountain and it aims right at your shirt and gets it all wet like you’re sweating and then you’re still thirsty!

me: That doesn’t sound like fun. Hey pick up your Bak Guy.

Jack: His name isn’t Bak he’s a dragon and it’s BAK-U-GAN Mom.

me: Yeah I know.

Jack: Doesn’t look like it. Keep going with the mountain climbers lady.

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