Hot Cross Buns

But of course! Don’t you all love them? Well they’re my favorite new food, made by my favorite food blogger So What Are You Making For Dinner. (scroll down a bit). I got to taste one (or 2 ahem) today and yes they hit the spot.

Yesterday at work I decided to join the Catholics on their 40-day “I will give this thing up” pledge. I gave up sweets. Well then how, do you ask, may I partake in hot cross buns? Because the Pope said so. We can also eat sweets on Sunday. Sooo…

I snuck one bun home for Jack because I knew he would appreciate it as an after-school snack. This is pretty much word for word…

me: Jaaack….I have a treat for you…

Jack: Oh awesome what is it?

me: A hot cross bun. (He’s never had one before…)

Jack: Whaaatt? Like the song? Ha ha! Is that real food?

me: Yep, see? It has a cross of frosting.

Jack: Cool! Where is this from?

me: Lucia made it.

Jack: Then I KNOW it’s really good if she made it.

me: You got that right. (Luckily he only ate half…)

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