All about kissing

Not that I’m an expert. Jack thinks HE is though.

Jack: Mom, do you like just walk up to somebody that you want to kiss, or do you ask?

me: Are you talking about you or are you talking about me?

Jack: (pauses) Me?

me: Uhhh, I guess when you’re OLDER you would ask a girl if you could kiss her.

Jack: My friend in school (not naming her here!) said that she already wanted to kiss a boy! And she’s only 6!

me: That happens.

Jack: (big sigh). Do you ever want to kiss people, like when they’re your girlfriend?

me: (he doesn’t mean ME, he means HIM!) Yeah, that’s what it’s all about. But you don’t really kiss girls until you’re older.

Jack: How old were you when you kissed?

me: (oh boy) I was like 13.

Jack: Who was it?

me: Just a boy in the neighborhood that I liked.

Jack: Did he ask you first?

me: I think so.

Jack: Then that’s what I’m gonna do when I have a girlfriend. She’d want me to ask first. But if you HAVE a girlfriend, then they already know what they’re in for.

me: Oh do they!??

Jack: Yeah. But when I’m older, I know I KNOW! (he tries to cover my eyes for some reason). And I have to tell you something but I just don’t know HOW!!! (he writhes around grimacing in pain)

me: For Pete’s sake, what? You can tell me anything.

Jack: There were 2 girls on the trip today that I want to marry! (he covers my eyes again…what’s that all about?)

me: Jack you’re hurting my face, stop grabbing my eyes. So how old were these girls?

Jack: Oh about 10. The perfect age.

me: What about my beautiful friend at Tae Kwon Do?

Jack: Mommm, she’s a grown up!

me: I’m glad you realized that. So you’re moving on from her?

Jack: Welllll… no… (keeping her just in case??)

me: I guess you liked these girls?

Jack: Yeah and I wanted to … (grabs my eyes again) Kiss them!!!

me: Sigh…

Now how am I supposed to handle this for … wait, how many more years now?? And how does a kid have raging hormones at age 6. I mean, really!

8 thoughts on “All about kissing”

    1. OMG tell me about it! I always tell Jack that he can talk to me about anything. And I never EVER yell or get mad if he talks to me about something bad that he did. He’s learned that he can trust me that way. Though I do have to lecture him later on about behaving or not hitting or whatever the issue was. I just don’t do it while he’s “confessing”. I wonder how long he’ll continue to tell me about girls. Yikes!


  1. Oh, to be young & in love! Haha. I worked at a daycare & saw this all the time. Even at a young age, kids want to have a girlfriend/boyfriend. The awkward part is when they are VERY aware of the physical differences between the two genders. That can get intersting!


  2. A boy and I were ‘husband and wife’ when we were 4 and 5 years old. He would pick me up every morning on his big wheel and we would spend the whole day doing heaven only knows what (I do not remember how we spent the days, riding, playing at the playground, makeing mud pies and who know what else). He would kiss me hello and Kiss me good bye. Our parents had no issue, but the counselors at summer camp did. We did not have any “bad” or “secrective feeling” about any of it (even when the counselors told our parents about it and then they asked us about it). Nothing changed until he had to move away. I still love him, ans I have not idea where he is or what ever even happened to him! Your babay boy is fun!!! You are doing great in building that trust…it will stay! Our 29 yr old daughter still shares EVERYTHING with us and knows that Mom and Dad are a safe place!!! Good for You Mom!!!


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