In your dreams!!

Jack: Mom, can we meet each other tonight in our dreams and play all night?

me: Good idea! Let’s try it!

Jack: I don’t know how to actually DO it though…

me: Okay, I’ll come find you and tap you on the arm. If it’s the middle of the night, then you’ll know it’s a dream right?

Jack: Ha ha! Yeah, you get me then we can go and play. I want to go to the bowling alley.

me: I think they’ll be closed.

Jack: Mom…the DREAM bowling alley will be open.

me: Oh yeah! Didn’t really think about that. (I tap him on the arm)

Jack: What?

me: This is a dream and I’m waking you up to come play with me.

Jack: (puzzled look on his face) Huh? No it isn’t a dream yet!

me: How do you know you’re not sleeping right now?

Jack: (punches me in the arm)

me: OW!!! Hey!!

Jack: Ha ha ha! See? In a dream it wouldn’t hurt.

me: We’ll just see about that…

4 thoughts on “In your dreams!!”

  1. That’s funny. I used that when Madison was having nightmares. We would meet in ‘dreamland.’ Before bed we’d talk about what we were going to do. It worked very well.


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