Russia – Day 5 – Kremlin Cathedrals

(That’s “Batty”…he is a friend of Jack’s who joined me on my trip!)

Privyet! Hi!
We saw the Kremlin on our first day in Moscow but yesterday (remember to use that term loosely because it’s Sunday now!) we went inside the walls. Oooohhhh…I didn’t realize how much more security they had there. Metal detectors, bag searches, etc. Going through customs was actually easier…they just kept asking me to smile because of my passport photo. Plus it was 10 years ago so i looked a tad different. The officer was confused…you could tell. 

Inside the Kremlin walls we saw the armory, the giant bell (not it’s official name), the bell tower, some more churches and then we went to a big art museum in the center of Moscow. Name to be inserted here later! Lots of amazing portraits and landscapes plus a huge showing of religious icons. The gift shop had just closed so I wasn’t able to buy any souvenirs. 😦


I missed Jack’s 7am skype (3pm here) because the wifi situation at the cafe didn’t want to cooperate. Sigh. Very depressing. I had to wait 9 more hours to talk with him at midnight Moscow time. He cried a lot, then I did. I could have easily gone right to the airport to fly home. Sighhhhhhhh. He’s still confused as to why I would go so far away and not take him with me. I know I’ll be home on Friday but it seems a long way off right now. 

The weather has been very kind to us because this is supposedly when it rains a lot in Moscow. So far it’s only rained at night. The days have been sunny and cool. It does get cold at night but only low 40s as far as I can tell. 

Jack: After this trip you’re not allowed to go away again.
Me: I know…
Jack: Ever. I’m hiding your passport.

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