The art of cursive writing

Jack: Why are you writing in code!!?? You know I can’t read that!

me: Sorry, I’m just making notes and this is the quickest way to write. I bet you can read it if you try very hard.

Jack: ARRRGGHH! Stop making R’s that look like N’s.

me: That’s what they look like. Here, I’ll show you the whole alphabet, slowly.

Jack: It all has to connect?

me: Um, I don’t think so, but I guess that’s how I learned to do it.

Jack: You mean someone TAUGHT you to do this? I thought old people were born knowing it.

14 thoughts on “The art of cursive writing”

    1. I have not! Wow. Well, I knew that they didn’t teach it anymore, but I didn’t think it would really be dead. Hmmm…did you learn it in school, or was it over by then?


  1. My daughter just learned it last year in third grade (in Texas). Of course, we’re pretty much dead last on following any trend, so that doesn’t say a whole lot for the life expectancy of cursive.


  2. i love your little boy…always makes me smile.

    they are not teaching cursive here in tx anymore. i was taught at school. but a lot of things are changing in the school let alone this world. we all just have to learn to adjust i suppose. :/


  3. Really??? Crusive is no longer being taught? I have no clue. But i guess it makes sense. Its going to be nuts when the day comes and someone asks me to print or type what I wrote. I like cursive..its quick!


    1. I totally agree. Not that anyone can read my handwriting anyway, but it’s quicker for me. I actually mastered the printing/cursive hybrid model when I’m in a real hurry!


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