A quick retort for everything

Here are some of Jack’s comebacks. Which, by the way, he says so often that I have them all memorized. I just say them at the same time that he does. Makes him a bit angry, kind of like I’m what…pushing HIS buttons?


me: Jack, watch your mouth! I don’t like that language.

Jack: That’s funny cuz I can’t even see my own mouth!


me: Please don’t be fresh!

Jack: What am I… dairy?


me: Stop pushing my buttons please!

Jack: I don’t see any buttons but I would push them if I could see them!


me: Eat your chicken (steak, turkey, whatever).

Jack: I don’t eat meat!


me: Can you please brush your teeth?

Jack: I AM brushing my teeth.

me: You’re actually sitting on the floor playing with your toes.


me: Can you please get dressed?

Jack: I AM getting dressed!

me: You’re actually playing laser games with Bella.


me: Can you get your shoes on please, we’re late!

Jack: I AM getting my shoes on.

me: Oh really? You’re sitting on the toilet.

Jack: Well when you ask dumb questions…

me: Heyyyyy???!! Don’t be fresh.

(say it with me)

Jack: What am I…dairy?


And so on and so forth.

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