All of this in 30 seconds

Here’s a snapshot of what happened today at the bus stop…

Bus door opens, my boy charges out into the pouring rain screaming “I’m Free!!!” Then he runs towards my car while he shrugs his 50 lb. backpack off into a puddle, after which he tries to stop and pick it up but instead slips in the wet grass just as he reaches the car door and bangs his head first on the car and then on the ground.

Jack gets in the car and says “you distracted me!!”

This is why I started my blog.

3 thoughts on “All of this in 30 seconds”

  1. I laughed out loud!! Know the feeling, always the parents.

    My daughter injured herself yesterday and was crying outside in the yard. We obviously didn’t hear anything so it could not have been to bad. After 5 minutes she comes into the house very upset, “because we don’t even care about her anymore…” Whadoyado?


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