me: What’s that???

Jack: My game name…(Jack’s friend starts laughing)

me: Sigh. Such a stud??

Jack: My other friend told me to pick that.

me: Oy. (Then I looked over at the friend visiting Jack) And what’s your game name?

Friend: Bob.

me: (blank stare) Ok. enough…Outside!

Jack: But he just joined my Minecraft world!!!

me: Time for you guys to put the electronics down and join the real world.

Jack and Friend: (look at me oddly)

Jack: Dude! How about we just play minecraft outside!? Yeah!

Friend: Yeah awesome!

me: Electronics stay in the house!

Jack: Awww. Dude. It’s ok, we can still play and just pretend we’re actually IN minecraft!

me: Imagine that.

Jack: Dude you can come to my mom’s class later and we can play then. I always use electronics during her class.

Friend: Hmmm, do they have wi-fi?

Jack: Sigh, noooo. But maybe we can sneak out and find a Starbucks…

me: Sigh…I can hear you!

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