5 most important things in life…according to a 7-year-old


Jack: (after eating a HUGE meal tonight) Sigh…food is pretty much the most important thing in life. (BURP!) Excuse me.

me: Hmm, really? What’s next on that list?

Jack: Then comes sleep.

me: Then…?

Jack: Naps. (looks at me) It’s DIFFERENT than sleep!

me: Okay, fine. Next?

Jack: Trees of course!

me: Huh? Why?

Jack: Because oxygen. Helllooooooo….!



me: Oh, okay. We do have to breathe. What’s next?

Jack: Rest.

me: I see a theme. What’s with all the “sleepy” important things? You’re always up at the crack of dawn. Sleep a little longer then!

Jack: Too much to do. Gotta catch the bus during the week and cartoons on the weekend. Sigh. The list is IMPORTANT things. Not exactly things I DO…sheesh…

me: Alright, settle down.

Jack: Tell me something I don’t know in the world.

me: Uhhh…(rapid thinking) When you get older, girls are gonna think you’re very handsome.

Jack: I said tell me something I DON’T know.

me: Okay. The definition of modesty.

Jack: Huh???

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