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All in a day’s work. Or two hours of my morning.

Jack’s friend Evan is sleeping over. It’s a win win because Jack has company to keep him happy and occupied, and I get to still have Jack “with” me, rather than sleeping away, which sometimes makes me feel lonely  😦

My kitty Ed is doing ok but slowly declining in health due to his cancer. Untreatable. :(. He now loves to take baths in my tub each day. Haha so strange!!

Here’s the text I sent to Evan’s mom this morning.

“Quick update: Boys to bed at 11 last night, asleep around 12:30am. Up at 9am. Two breakfasts. One they made themselves. Kitchen not too bad! One horrific bloody nose (Evan), one bout of diarrhea (Jack), and one round of puking (Ed). 3 peeing accidents located and cleaned (I hope all Ed!) blood cleaned off couch, maple syrup waterfall found on ottoman and dripping on rug so I dammed it up, and puke cleaned off rug. Ed fell asleep in the tub with 1/2 inch of water during all this and almost drowned. Jack asked why I still have the towel on my head 2 hours after showering and is it because I’m LAZY! 👹👹👽👽😈😈”

me: Boys let’s go! (Headed out for a hike) Clean up your messes and get dressed. 

Jack: Why aren’t you helping.You didn’t do anything all day and you’re not even dressed yet!

me: Sigh…



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