What time is it??

I know what time it is…I think. Actually, I’m losing track of time without a schedule to rely on. Get up when the cats get me up. 7:01. Thanks Ed. Decide if I’m going to run or not. Not. Eat something that no one in the house would ever eat (well maybe Jack would try it): egg white omelette (why can’t wordpress accept that omelette is spelled this way??) with orange peppers, asparagus and yellow squash, topped with goat cheese and all bundled up in a wheat wrap. Can you say YUM!

Anyway what was I saying? Oh, time, yeah. I guess I’ve been eating when I’m hungry, so like now, it’s almost lunchtime because breakfast was around 10:30. So yeah, I’m all messed up.

Jack’s new fascination is with time. Well not new new, but more now than before. He wants to know the exact time he falls asleep (Ha!) and wakes up (double ha, because I think he’s trying to break his record for earliest wake up), and he wants all, and I mean all, of the clocks in the house to match. Fat chance. I set my bedroom clock a little faster so that I’m not late (not that I’m EVER late for anything mind you) and then the kitchen clock and microwave are the same time but they’re a little fast so we don’t miss the bus, and then the other clocks are right, except for the clock above my computer which currently says 1:43 because it’s been sticking and I’m lazy…

Jack now has an alarm clock in his room (digital) and another clock on his bookshelf (analog) so he’s trying to figure out the comparison between both types of numbers and he’s actually really good at telling time. Therefore I bought him a gorgeous new lime green slap watch. But we only paid 10 bucks. Yay! It’s analog and Jack loves that it is water resistant. Though I told him and told him that it is not water PROOF. Sigh. You can guess how this will go in about a week or two.

Jack: Hi Mom, whatcha doing?

me: Just got out of the shower.

Jack: It’s 1:29 here, why are you taking a shower now?

me: Just thought of it actually…

Jack: Oh. Is it 1:29 there? Check your clock.

me: Mine says 1:37.

Jack: But that’s not right! Can you run up and check my clock??

me: Sure, hold on…(I puff up the stairs) It’s 1:30 on your clock.

Jack: But that’s not right! The time is 1:29! Oh wait…it’s 1:30 now, heh heh, they match!

me: Yep, you just have to be patient…

Jack: What about the kitchen?

me: Well, you know how those clocks never match your clock? They’re a little fast…?

Jack: Oh, okay. Hey guess what? I put my hand in the ocean with this watch on and…

me: Jack no!

Jack: Hold ON! I put it in but DIDN’T GET IT WET, sheesh, and then some drops got on it and it still works!

me: I see. Please take it off if you’re playing in the ocean, kay?

Jack: Okay. What time is it now??

me: 5 minutes later than before.

Jack: Good, it’s still working.

me: The watch?

Jack: No, time.

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