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What happens in school? Who knows…

me: Hi, how was it today?

Jack: The usual. In gym we had to go outside and play soccer in the mud. Look at my sneakers!

me: Man, good thing you wore your old ones.

Jack: My friend wore his brand new EXPENSIVE high tops (he named some basketball player brand that I had never heard of) and they got RUINED! I wouldn’t want to be him tonight…

me: What else happened?

Jack: Oh, I should’ve brought my sax!

me: Why? It’s gym day..,

Jack: Because today was pull out day. 

me: (really??) Out of what exactly??

Jack: We got pulled out of gym to go practice with the 7th grade band. 

me: Awwww, how come you didn’t write that down?

Jack: No one told me! He never told us that!

me: Did your friends in band know about it?

Jack: Uhhh some of them.

me: Well how did they hear about it

Jack: I don’t know Mom, they just did but I swear he never told us!

me: Are you paying attention?

Jack: Yesss! Most of us just didn’t know! 

me: Well you would think that —–

Jack: (Interrupting) I. DON’T. KNOW.

me: Yeah yeah… Well don’t miss it next time because that’s important and —-

Jack: Moving on!


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